PI UK’s Pool of Experts

PI UK’s Pool of Experts


 PI UK’s Pool of Experts is resource for users of PROFIBUS, PROFINET and IO-Link to share their experiences and draw on the vast expertise of the PI Community. Questions asked in the Discussion Forum will be answered by experts and the results archived in a knowledge bank for all to use.  This Pool is an important way to build a sense of community among users and experts. It lets PI experts air their opinions and, more importantly, allows users to interact with them. Members of PI UK can also engage privately with the Experts where matters of security and confidentiality might be paramount.

Don’t be afraid to get involved in discussions … feedback helps us to improve our services and products.

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IO-Link Forum

Members’ Forum (Private, for UK PI Members only)

Please note: These discussion forums are intended for technical questions and answers, not announcements of products or events. Forum members may jump in with answers at any time, but the expert forum moderators will endeavour to respond within 24 hours on workdays.

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Confidential Service

If for reasons of security or privacy you do not wish to ask your questions in open forum, Members of PI UK can search the Expert Directory to find someone to ask their questions directly and privately.

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